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Sericulture Sermons

Sericulture, or silk farming, is the cultivation of silkworms to produce silk. Although there are several species of silk worms, Bombyx mori is the species that we use at Mulberry One.

Bombyx Mori at the pre-cocoon stage

Sericulture is an eco friendly activity.

The mulberry plantation provides excellent green cover, the roots grip the soil and stop erosion. The mulberry bush is a perennial plant and helps soil conservation.

This agro-based industry, requires no fuel guzzling machinery reducing air pollution. All the maintenance and digging is carried out by hand-held tools. The farm workers are able to take away the dried mulberry twigs and branches to use as fuel and this reduces the pressure on nearby vegetation and forests.

If you are interested in Sustainable fashion and a desire to create or wear products that are environmentally friendly and support local communities Mulberry One is the perfect fit for you .

Over the coming weeks we will share our stories of silk production with you and hope to increase your understanding of what goes into the making of silk and how you are saving the environment by buying Mulberry One silk.

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